Tackling the Impact: Corporate Performance in the Wake of Accounting and Strategy Implementation


  • Ilham Ilham
  • Nurul Aini
  • Kusnanto Mukti Wibowo


Financial performance, Strategy implementation, Impact assessment


This research explores the impact of the application of accounting and strategy on company performance. Using a holistic analytical approach, we examine how accounting and strategy implementation affect various aspects of corporate performance. We evaluate the positive and negative consequences of accounting decisions and strategies taken by companies, with a focus on changes in financial, operational and strategic performance. This research method involves analyzing secondary data from various sources, including financial reports, annual reports, and company case studies. Our findings highlight the complexity of the relationship between accounting and strategy implementation and firm performance, emphasizing the importance of a deep understanding of the industry context and internal dynamics of the firm. Practical implications of this research for corporate stakeholders and management practitioners are also discussed. In conclusion, a comprehensive understanding of the consequences of implementing accounting and strategy is the key to maximizing company performance in an ever-changing business environment.


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