Enhancing Customer Satisfaction: Exploring the Implications of Marketing Strategy


  • Dwi Yuli Rakhmawati
  • Mochammad Choirur Roziqin
  • Faried Effendy


Branding, Customer experience, Market segmentation


This research investigates the implications of marketing strategy on enhancing customer satisfaction. Through a comprehensive examination, we explore how various marketing strategies impact customer satisfaction levels across different industries and contexts. By analyzing both theoretical frameworks and practical implementations, we uncover the underlying mechanisms and key factors that contribute to customer satisfaction within the realm of marketing strategy. The findings provide valuable insights for businesses seeking to optimize their marketing approaches to better meet the needs and preferences of their customers


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Sheep, Hair, MC. Daniel, 2006, Marketing, Translated by David Oktrakevia, Salemba Empat, Jakarta.




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Dwi Yuli Rakhmawati, Mochammad Choirur Roziqin, & Faried Effendy. (2024). Enhancing Customer Satisfaction: Exploring the Implications of Marketing Strategy. International Journal of Economics, Commerce, and Management, 1(1), 01–09. Retrieved from https://international.areai.or.id/index.php/IJECM/article/view/23